This is the ninth annual Kick-a-Palooza... with a Space Jam theme!


Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5.


In Virginia Beach @ the KOA campground
1240 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Individuals or teams from anywhere in the world are welcome, Just register online, book your accommodations, bring yourself to Virginia Beach and plan to have a lot of fun.

* * *
Are kids allowed? How about fur babies?

Kids and dogs are allowed. Both must be friendly and remain supervised. KOA rules are that dogs must be leashed. If your dog is deemed unruly, they may be required to leave the premises. If either your dog or your child is left unsupervised you may be asked to leave the event.

* * *

How much is the entrance fee for players and guests not staying at the KOA?
$5 donation to KOA's Care Camps trust, paid to KOA at the gate entrance. This allows guests to hang out and spectate, and use the KOA facilities (bathrooms, pool, playgrounds, etc.); it does not give guests a wristband to partake in the official kickball games and complimentary food and drinks associated with this event.

* * *

What are the accommodation options?
Get a campsite or a cabin to stay in at the KOA (or book a hotel room on the oceanfront if you want).
Lodging discounts are available at the KOA! More Details

* * *

Do I have to camp overnight to play?
No, but please be responsible and find a ride home if you choose to drink.

* * *

What can I expect?
2 nights of Camping and at least 1 full day of playing kickball, plus LOTS of partying.

* * *
When does event registration open?

Players may register for the event starting December 1st. Accommodations may be booked at any time.

* * *
How do I sign up?

Everyone signs up for this event individually. You can start a new team or join an existing team. Once someone starts a new team, it will be listed for others to join. The first player to register is assumed to be the team’s primary point of contact, a.k.a. team captain. (If this is incorrect, please contact us to change your team’s primary point of contact.) If you want to play but do not have a team, we are taking “free agent” registrations as well to help form additional teams.

* * *
When and how do I check in for the event?

We conduct registration by teams, not individuals. Team captains should check in on Friday evening at the KOA pavilion from 7:00pm until 9:00pm to get your team's event wristbands, souvenir shirts, and other swag. (If the team captain needs to delegate check-in duty to someone else, please contact us.) Then stay and hang with everyone else around for the campfire, music, snacks, s'mores, yard games, beer, and other drinks!
Late check-in will be available on Saturday morning through 8:30am.

* * *
What do I wear?

Your team needs to wear some form of matching or similar attire so that our umpires can tell you apart from your competitors. There are no official jerseys for this event. Feel free to be creative.
The shirt that you receive at check-in is intended to be a souvenir shirt from this special event (everyone receives the same color shirt). Maybe one day you'll be able to sell the shirt on eBay as a rare collectible.

* * *
Where are the fields?
All fields are located immediately on the KOA campground or at the Colombian Club just across Prosperity Road. These are all event fields, not official athletic fields, and so the field conditions can vary greatly depending on the weather leading up to the event. In the past, we have played in deep mud and in dry dust. Please keep an eye on the weather the week before the event and look for updates in our event communications.

Competitive level games are guaranteed to be played on the KOA campground fields. These fields are centrally located and will be inspected months ahead of the event to alleviate as much as possible any potential concerns in advance.

* * *
What do the winners get?
On Saturday afternoon, all Competitive level teams will play in a full single-elimination bracket for the Kick-A-Palooza Keg trophy, medals, and a $1,500 cash prize! Second place receives $500. (Prize amounts assumes 8 competitive teams.)

Social level teams will play one additional playoff game after pool play, with the winner of the top two teams receiving a glass trophy and medals.

Just-For-Fun level teams will play one additional "playoff" game after pool play, with any undefeated teams being declared "co-champions".

* * *
What about lodging?

Campers are encouraged to register with KOA for a site or a cabin. Please see the KOA links on this site for more information.

* * *
Something came up; can I get my money back?

Any and all refunds will be at the discretion of the event staff. No refunds will be given after April 15, 2024.

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