Any modifications for our 2021 event have not yet been decided. It's simply too early to know what we'll safely be able to do and not do. We're hoping for the best but have contingency plans in any case. We've left our 2020 modifications posted below so that you can understand what a "worst case" socially restrictive event might look like.

Thank you all for your patience as we have worked through the details on how we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all players in 2020’s rescheduled Kick-A-Palooza.

  • Coronavirus modifications to rules will be in effect (please read carefully)
  • Event capacity will be limited to 12 teams, with a recommended maximum of 15 players per team.
  • Players may only register and play for one team.
  • Each field will have two specific “dugout” boxes painted on each sideline (four “dugouts” total per field). Each team will be assigned to a specific “dugout” for all or most of the day.
  • Games will be scheduled and located to minimize movement of teams between fields.
  • The Friday night “party” will feature “party-to-go” packs, including items such as beer, s’mores, and snacks, which will be distributed to each team collecting their registration materials on Friday night. Unlike past years, entertainment, food, and drinks will not be provided in the pavilion.
  • The Saturday night “party” will feature a concert by mOcean performed live in the campground. Food plates and canned drinks will be served in the pavilion following current dining protocols. Entertainment will not be provided in the pavilion (unless rain forces mOcean to relocate).
  • Community campfires next to the pavilion will not be organized.
  • Portable toilet facilities will not be available. (KOA bathroom facilities will be open.)
  • Please wear a face mask and practice social distancing when not actively playing in games.
  • Guests and spectators are allowed in the bench area for one team. Otherwise, guests and spectators must observe games from a distance of thirty (30) feet or more. Guests and spectators may not enter the bench area for teams besides the one team mentioned above.
  • Players from teams assigned to other fields may not occupy the sidelines of a field. Observation of games on fields other than the field to which your team is assigned must be done at a distance of thirty (30) feet or more.